Turn 1 Good Deed Into 3

The good deed is to give £42 to our Wheels for the World project. Through the Roof will then use your donation to do three good deeds through...

Saving an old wheelchair from landfill
and taking disused wheelchairs on to a second life


Helping a prisoner to make a meaningful contribution to society giving those in Parkhurst prison workshop the opportunity of refurbishing wheelchairs to ‘as-new’ standard (sometimes even better!)


Changing the life of a disabled person
giving the gift of a wheelchair or mobility aid and a Bible to someone in a developing country

Do three good deeds in one...

Donating £42 (or an amount of your choice) securely through Justgiving to Wheels for the World, will make a real difference to people in the UK and overseas. If you include your address with your donation, not only might we be able to claim extra money (at no cost to you) through gift aid, but we’ll be able to send you a certificate with details of a person helped by your gift’.

All About Wheels

The World Health Organisation reports 20 - 30 million disabled people need wheelchairs – most of these people will have a lack of hope or of the ability to purchase one. Wheels for the World is the overseas programme of Through the Roof, restoring and distributing refurbished wheelchairs, mostly to people in Africa, giving them increased independence and demonstrating the love of God in a practical way.

See more at www.throughtheroof.org.


‘Today marks my most happiest moment of my life to see my grandmother Susan has acquired a wheelchair through the Wheel for the World initiative’, 

Phillip, from Kirinyaga,

3 in 1 Stories

When Peter’s father died after a period of increasing frailty, it was a distressing time for the whole family. Peter found that the NHS did not want him to return his father’s wheelchair as it was too worn to be reused. Peter donated the wheelchair to Through the Roof, and had the satisfaction of knowing that his donation would make an immense difference to someone on the other side of the world.

Chris got involved in petty crime and drugs as a young teenager, and by the time he left school this had escalated to car crime and aggravated burglary. Desperate to break out of the cycle, he took the opportunity in prison to be trained to repair wheelchairs and gain some useful skills that would help him to find a proper career after his release. Through the Roof sent the wheelchair donated by Peter to the prison workshop, where Chris refurbished it and made it as good as new once again.

Miriam contracted polio as a child which left her with paralysis in her legs. Living in a community where no physiotherapy or rehabilitation services are available, she spent most of her time in bed, shut away from society. Occasionally she would venture out to see the world beyond the walls of her home, but could only move by dragging herself along the ground. A team from TTR arrived in Uganda to distribute wheelchairs. Miriam was given the wheelchair that had been donated by Peter and refurbished by Chris. Now she can help her mother selling produce on their market stall, and can go out independently and make friends.

(Names and some details have been changed - we feature stories of people affected by the work of Wheels in every issue of our Vital Link newsletter. Get in touch to subscribe and read more).

Do three good deeds in one...